Going Back to High School

Growing up I've always been told that school is my strong suit.  I've come to notice that my brain is wired to work well in our current education system and time and time again I've seen that I don't personally have an issue with the bureaucratic mess that is the public education system.  I'm not saying that they are without fault - we all know there are issues.  I am however saying that those hurdles and hoops to jump through aren't a huge stall for me.  Once I get past the occasional social anxiety, school for me is where I'm comfortable.  Whether or not that is because I haven't put myself in a position to experience something else better for me, I'm uncertain. 

I've always gravitated toward the things that would force me to learn more.  I ate books like I needed them to live growing up.  I grew interested in law and criminology at a young age.  It is no wonder at all how I came to study Crime and Justice and English Rhetoric, Writing, and Communications in University.  Yet, I still don't know what I want to do with my life.  Career paths have always seemed so limiting to me and I don't want to fit myself into a box.  

Over the past few years I realized I had a passion for working with students.  I wanted to go into student affairs - setting up clubs and organizations in college and university settings or living the crazy life that is Res Ed.  Though, a few months after walking across the stage, and a week before my degree was officially confirmed, I found myself being thrown into a new position - working as a Paraprofessional.

To those in Res Ed - this is not the way we use paraprofessional.  My role is working in a classroom setting with IEP students.  As a paraprofessional, I help students who are struggling and pull them out when they need extra time.  These students have various learning disabilities and specific needs that general teachers can't always accommodate fully when working with the entire class at once.  My job is to help them meet those accommodation needs for each of my students.  

I've landed in the one place I didn't expect myself to be in at this point in my life - high school.  I've always told people that while high school wasn't the best time of my life I wouldn't fully avoid reliving it.  School is my happy place.  While I was never the most popular or successful student, and I didn't peak in high school, I don't mind going back so much.  At the moment I don't see myself as staying for too long.  I feel like my place is with college students, but I'm keeping my mind open as I move forward.