Charlotte Ate Onions

No one wanted to sit next to her in class. You’d be amazed how little that affected anything. Even three seats over they could still smell the stench emanating from her mouth.  Charlotte, as they all knew her to be, was the onion girl.

Charlotte got this name a while back. A few years ago someone noticed an odd trend in what she ate. Every meal Charlotte ate onions. Every meal. Every. Single. One. How is that possible you might ask? It’s simple really.

Breakfast she’d throw them in an omelette or maybe just some potato hash with green peppers. Didn’t feel like cooking or had to rush out the door? She took leftover cold pizza to go. Lunch was a salad or veggie sandwich loaded to the point of bursting with extra onions every time. Dinner? You name it: onion rings, stir fry, soup, if an onion could be included it would be there.

By the way her breath smelled, you would think she was biting into her onions like they were apples.  Yet there she was talking away in class with a circle of empty seats three desks deep surrounding her, completely unaware of how everyone felt about her terrible onion breath.  



*** I wrote this for a quick 10 minute writing exercise in a Professional Development course at work. This is unedited and rather random but I felt like sharing it with someone. Do you like reading creative things on here? Let me know, I'll post more. 


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