New Year, New Me?

I've never been one for New Year's Resolutions.  This isn't due to the standard laundry list of reasons as to why its an arbitrary marker and not worth the time.  To be honest, I really like the idea of New Year's Resolutions.  I've just always found that when I set a goal for the year I don't meet them.  If I inevitably mess up I would either be far too harsh on myself or chalk the whole year up to a missed attempt and call it a day before I ever really got the chance to get started.  In actuality, I always seem to forget to even think about making a New Year's Resolution until well into January. (Which makes sense as to why this post is being written at 2 AM on January 13th).

Generally speaking, I like to reassess my goals at every yearly milestone - for those who are in school this would mean at the start of each term, or semester, the beginning of the school year especially.  The fall has always been more of a true New Year to me than January 1st.  With this in mind I brain stormed multiple lists of things I could possibly do in 2018 and I figured I'd share with you my plan - or hope - for 2018.


New Year, Same Me

The months I've spent away from this blog in 2017 were the months I spent away from the social internet almost as a whole.  In October, I played Riff Raff in The Rocky Horror Picture Show and acclimated myself to a pretty hectic schedule of rehearsals, working 40 hours a week and getting my life back in order.  The truth is 2017 was really hard for me.  A lot happened that I had an enormously hard time dealing with but I was able to piece it all together by the end.  So I finished 2017 with a job I enjoy, a hand in multiple theatre projects, a spot as a co-founder of a business (which I cannot wait to talk about), a wonderful boyfriend, and a better view of myself.  Looking at the rest of this year I want to just keep moving forward.  I've laid the ground work for what I want and things are going pretty well so rather than make some drastic life changes I thought I would focus my New Year's Resolutions on something a bit lighter.

#1 Watch 100 Films

For anyone who knows me personally, it is no shock that I am Pop Culture Illiterate. I couldn't tell you who most famous actors or directors are, nor could I with 100% honesty say that I've seen most notable films.  So for the past few years I have been inching away at a laundry list of movies that people have deemed "must-watches" for me.  I had made very little progress until about a third of the way into 2017 I decided that I wanted to watch 100 movies that year.  I failed and came in at around 53 but I wasn't entirely trying.  This time around I came into the year with this mindset and am determined not to fail.  Want to see my progress? I'll be updating this thread throughout 2018 with each new watch.

#2 Read 24 Books

This one is a pretty average goal for me.  I like to read and I don't do it nearly as much as I would like to.  The longer I spend on YouTube, the more money I spend on new books that sit unread for far too long.  I want to change that and get back into something I enjoy. I update my Goodreads account pretty often for this one.

#3 Save Money

I left this one intentionally vague for a reason.  I'm notoriously bad at saving money.  If I save anything at all it will be a win. Obviously I want to save more than just something but you get the idea.

#4 Buy A New Phone


#5 Visit New Museums

Last year my friends and I decided to drive 3 1/2 hours up to North Adams, Massachusetts to visit Mass MOCA.  It was likely the best day of my entire summer and something I want to do again.  I've always loved art and visiting museums but I don't do it nearly enough.  So here's to 2018 - the year of visiting new places - hopefully.


#6 Get Back On YouTube

I posted my first video of 2018 on January 4th and I plan to post more through out the year as well.  Fictional Not Fantasy is back.


#8 Tell Everyone About The Thing

I mentioned briefly before that I'm a co-founder of a company.  This is a really exciting project that I'm working on and we're so close to being ready to make it public.  I cannot wait to share this with everyone.  The goal is actually more specific than this, but seeing as I can't quite tell you everything yet, for now this is what I will leave you with.

#7 Get Something Published

Whether it is a short story that's been sitting on my laptop for years, something submitted to a small newspaper or online journaling site, or something entirely new it doesn't matter.  The point is to finally put something out there and at least try to get published.  I'm not looking for money here, I'm looking to just have people read something that I've written.

#10 Do Something Worthwhile

Rather than pigeonhole myself here I figured I'd leave this a bit open ended.  Maybe this is the year I decide to go vegan.  Or perhaps I fully commit to the #zerowaste movement.  Do I take this company and create a new positive community?  Will I raise a bunch of money for a worthy cause?  Who knows.  Maybe I'll do all of those things, maybe I'll just motivate myself to get out of my bed on the days where I really feel like I can't.  Time will tell and we'll see how I tackled this one next year.


#9 Apply To Grad School

By this I mean: figure out which type of school I would like to go to.  I've gone back and forth between law school, higher education administration and basically everything under the sun so I've decided to extend my gap year a little bit to focus in on what I want to study - and avoid the GRE's. 


Due to the nature of my life and the way I think I like to lay everything out on paper so I've taken to using a Bullet Journal.  So, I've decided to create mini goals every month to tackle and reassess these New Year's Resolutions as the year progresses.  This way, I won't only not lose sight of them, but I can set new goals or tweak them as I go. 

Don't feel the need to change your entire diet this year, or tackle the monster that is getting in shape (especially during January when everyone is at the gym) just yet.  Maybe, make a few goals that are easy to check off like I did - it will help you feel like a little less of a failure and motivate you to keep going.  So, what are your New Year's Resolutions? Do you think mine are entirely stupid? Be sure to check back in to see how I'm progressing and see how far I've come from my first posts in August of 2017.