Looking to the Future

Over the past 22 years I've grown into the person I am today.  I've found love in dance, music, photography, art, and writing, and I've lost love in all of those things as well.  Everything I've ever done and every person I've ever met has stuck with me in some way.  No section of my life hasn't formed its own story, and none of those stories have gone untold.  I want to keep sharing those stories because they are important, at least to me, and I want to find new ways to share these stories moving forward.

I've gone through a lot, and through each new encounter I grow as a person. Continuing to grow as a person is at the forefront of everything I do, and I want my stories to grow with me as well.  So as I move on facing the end of my time as a student - at least for now - I not only embark on a new phase of my life, but a new phase of story telling. 

Fictional Not Fantasy might have started as a school project in my college dorm room, but I never intended it to stay there.  I want to continue not only reading other people's stories, but sharing my own in a creative way as well.  My channel will not change much.  I will still be discussing books and forms of media for now, just the topics will be growing a bit more with me.

On August 31st 2017 I was scheduled to officially graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in English Rhetoric, Writing and Communications and Crime and Justice Studies.  Each of these degrees has meant a lot to me in turn I look forward to moving forward in my life past this time as a student.  I'm looking for my why, and I'm searching for something big in my life but I'm excited to see where it all takes me.